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Welcome to my website. After working for over 15 years in the Leicester property market, I have launched my own bespoke estate agency to offer home owners and property buyers the very best experience when moving home. If your home deserves the best, then let's talk!
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Estate Agent Contracts

I've recently been visiting a lot of homeowners around Leicester Forest East that are already on the market with other agents and they have not had much luck in selling their homes. It can become frustrating when you feel like you are getting nowhere fast and the longer you are on the market, you start to feel that buyers may start to wonder what is wrong with your home.

The obvious change you can make is hiring a more proactive estate agent or relooking at how your home is being marketed. What I am finding though is that many homeowners have signed lengthy contracts and have no way of leaving their current agents.(or worst-case scenario, having to pay two estate agent fees!). These contract lengths can range from 10 weeks, right up to an eye-watering 26 weeks! 

To me, this is leaving the estate agent in complete control of your future, with no real desire to get you sold in the quickest time possible. Contracts should be no longer than 4 weeks. If the agent hasn't sold or offered the service they promised,  you will be able to get out of the relationship and look for a new agent sooner rather than later. It also leaves the agent more accountable for their actions, and if they are offering the best advice and service, you wouldn't need to leave them any way. 

So when it comes to choosing your agent, make sure they are offering a short contract or try and negotiate shorter terms.


P.S. I offer a 0 week contract to all clients!

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